Who’s my PEA Building Rep?

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PEA Executive Board
Tom List, PEA Office ( Term ends: 6/30/2017

Carlos Meikel, Vice President, Harris and Shepardson ( Term ends: 6/30/2017

Jill Connell, Secretary, Dunn ( Term ends: 6/30/2018

Stacy Denham, Treasurer, Boltz ( Term ends: 6/30/18

Alison Coatman, Board Member, Kruse ( Term ends: 6/30/2018

Todd Devine, Board Member, CLP E ( Term ends: 6/30/2018

Charlie McNamee, Board Member, Werner ( Term ends: 6/30/2018

Jason Nurton, Board Member, Webber ( Term ends: 6/30/2017

John Robinson, Board Member, RMHS ( Term ends: 6/30/2017

Carolyn Gillis, Board Member, Traut ( Term ends: 6/30/17

Office Staff
Suzie Radosevich, PEA Office Manager (

Fran Docherty, Two Rivers UniServ Unit Director (

PEA Fund for Children & Public Education Committee
Shannell Sedgwick, Eyestone – Chair (

Carlos Meikel, Harris and Shepardson (

Tom List, PEA Office (

John Robinson, RMHS (

PEA Scholarship Committee.    

PEA Negotiations Committee – By appointment only
Tom List,  PEA (

Mary Barela, Preston (

Rick Blas, FCHS (

Todd Devine, CLP E (

Carolyn Gillis, Traut (

Marcy Lewis, PHS (

Charlie McNamee, Werner (

Carlos Meikel, Harris / Shepardson (

Jason Nurton, Webber (

John Robinson, RMHS (

PEA Compensation Committee
Todd Devine, CLP E – Chair (
Tom List, PEA (
Beth Grote, Bauder (
Morgan Anderson, Rice (
Jill Connell, Dunn (
Charlie McNamee, Werner (

PEA Elementary Issues Committee
Tom List,  PEA (
Todd Devine, CLP E (
Lindy Granger, Bauder (
Beth Grote, Bauder (
Eric Hess, Johnson (
Carlos Meikel, Harris/Shepardson (
Cydney Way, O’Dea (

PEA Secondary Issues Committee
Tom List,  PEA (
Norma Arroyo, FRHS (
Dawn Lauterbach, Blevins (
Chris Lee, FCHS (

PEA works to create environments where students and teachers thrive and succeed.