40 Ways to Say “Good for You!”

40 Ways to Say “Good for You!” to Your Students

Everyone knows a little praise goes a long way. But a little praise really needs to be something more than the same few phrases, repeated over and over. Students need more than the “traditional” comments (Good, Very Good), especially if you are trying to encourage a student. Try these…

1. That’s really nice.
2. Wow! That’s great!
3. I like the way you’re working.
4. Keep up the good work.
5. That’s quite an improvement.
6. Much better.
7. Keep it up.
8. What neat work!
9. You really outdid yourself today.
10. I am pleased by this kind of work.
11. Good for you!
12. I’m proud of you.
13. You’ve got it now.
14. You make it look easy.
15. Your work is coming along nicely.
16. Excellent work!
17. I am impressed.
18. You’re on the right track now.
19. Terrific!
20. Very creative…
21. Now you’ve figured it out.
22. Superior work!
23. You’ve made a very good point.
24. I appreciate your effort.
25. Marvelous!
26. That’s “A” work for sure.
27. You put a lot of work into this.
28. That’s the right answer.
29. Nice going!
30. Very interesting ideas here…
31. Good thinking!
32. That’s clever.
33. Bravo!
34. Super job!
35. You should be proud of this.
36. Congratulations on the good score.
37. Right on!
38. Superb!
39. Quality effort went into this work.
40. Fine job!

Talking to Parents

While it’s important to chose your words carefully when speaking of students and their behavior, it’s even more important when talking to parents about their children. Positive expressions can make a difference in explaining a child’s behavior or work in school.

Instead of…
Shows off
Wastes time
Poor work

Try this:
Can do more when he tries
Depends on others to do his work
Failed to meet the requirements
Tries to get attention
Inconsiderate of others
Disturbs others’ work in class
Could make better use of his/her time
Insists on having his/her own way
Achieving below his/her ability level right now

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