Membership is open to any person who is employed by the Poudre R-1 School District who holds a valid Colorado Teaching Certificate. PEA members automatically join the Colorado Education Association and the National Education Association. PEA, together with CEA and NEA, has a strong voice and the ability to affect public education policy. Our local, state, and national associations work to secure funds for K-12 education, elect pro public education candidates, protect teachers’ rights and benefits, and ensure quality public education for all children.

Through advocacy, bargaining, and collective action, members of PEA are strengthening our schools, the teaching profession, and our community. PEA advocates for support for individual teachers throughout their careers, and collaborating with key stakeholders and policymakers to build a community where everyone is accountable for quality public schools. PEA also works with education administrators to create an education system where teachers are able to provide a 21st-century education, so that our students can compete in the global economy.

Belonging to PEA gives potential members a strong, unified voice with education policymakers. You can count on our leadership to help you achieve your goals for public education and educators.